All images on this site may be purchased as limited edition prints. The black and white images will be printed by myself in my dark room on silver gelatino bromure high quality paper. The color one will be printed through the  Lambda  technic on Fuji archival quality paper.

Archival quality :
All prints have an archival life equal or greather than a darkroom C Print (More than 50 years). The black and white prints have an estimated archival life of 100 years (prints are carefuly washed and selenium toned).

Format :
Images are printed with minimum 1 cm margins (around 1/2 inch). The following format are in use for the classic darkroom process : From 24/30 cm (9,5/12 inch), 30/40 cm (12/16 inch), 40/50cm (16/20 inch) to 50/70 cm (20/27 inch)

It is then possible to go up to 70/100 cm (27/40 inch) and higher on demands 100/140 cm (40/55 inch)

All images will be delivered unmounted, but of course, on special demands mounting is possible (on  diamantglass  as well for exemple)

Edition :

all prints are delivered signed and editioned in the following logic 

From 24/30 cm (9,5/12 inch) up to 50/70 cm (20/27 inch) maximum 21 prints of each

From 70/100 cm (27/40 inch) up to 85/120 cm (33/47 inch) maximum 14 prints of each

From 100/140 cm (40/55 inch) maximum 7 prints of each

For special series or order just ask me for more precisions

Prices :

Please feel free to contact me via email.